Sunday, December 09, 2012

Adele's 10 Million

Adele's 21 hit 10 million copies sold last year.  That's a phenomenal figure in today's music world, where most mega-sellers are lucky to sell half of that.
It was my number one album of 2011, even though there was a lot of grumbling that the album wasn't as good as the singles, or that it wasn't even that good period.

To those that missed out on it, and are still resisting, then I feel sorry for you, but I understand.  There are groups that people love, Radiohead springs to mind, that I've never fully embraced either.

So, let me just say, that I doubt she'll ever sell that much again.  This was one of those albums that everyone, including people who don't normally buy albums anymore, had to have.

Of course with massive success comes massive backlash, and there is and was quite a bit.
But Adele's a talent.  That 10 million was deserved because it's a great album.
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