Tuesday, January 15, 2013


An amazing spectacle.  But then all Apple products are, really.  The Ipad (3) was a Xmas Gift, but it would have been something I would have bought in 2013 anyway.  I still do a lot of things on my Dell laptop, but just got tired of lugging it around.
Things I still do on my laptop that I can't do on an Ipad:  only 1 I can think of and that's burn CD's onto Itunes.  For those that have a laptop, keep it, if you have a large CD collection.  You'll need it to sync your songs onto your Ipad.

But otherwise there's not much more to say about the Ipad, except that with the intro of the Mini, I can see them getting smaller.  Thus, making the one I have obsolete down the road.  Which means Apple will continue to find ways to make zillions of dollars.
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