Monday, January 21, 2013

John Wilkinson

John Wilkinson passed away on January 11.  If that name rings a bell you are as avid Elvis fan as I am.  If it doesn't, don't feel bad, Wilkinson was the rhythm guitarist for the King's band until  1977.

His death gives me an opportunity to praise the TCB Band for being as top notch a backing band as befits Royalty.  Drummer Ronnie Tutt. bassist Jerry Scheff, keyboardist Glen D. Hardin and of course Rock Hall of Famer James Burton on lead guitar.  Other names came and went, but these were the core group.

I'd say they were underrated, but when you back Elvis (or even James Brown) you have to expect recognition will be hard to come by.

Wilkinson is the first member of the TCB Band to pass away.  But he's forever remembered anytime you want to go on You Tube and search an Elvis clip from the 70's.

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