Sunday, February 17, 2013

Eagles Documentary

The 2 part Eagles Documentary that airs on Showtime is worth your trouble even if you're only mildly interested in them.  Part 1 is the best of the 2, with great early clips, and it also plays as a history of Country-Rock.  Part 2 picks up after the group disbanded in the early 80's.  But it's just a victory lap. And unless you want to hear about Glenn Frey's solo career, you can skip the last hour.

The Eagles are one of the most despised bands among Rock critics.  Yet music listeners defied them and continue to buy their albums and see them in concert.  The only major Rock critic I could think of that loves them was Robert Hilburn.  Dave Marsh had nice things to say about Henley's solo career.  But in his Rock singles book he picks Randy Meisner's "Take It To The Limit" out of all their hits.  His write-up is not much on praise, but gives you all the usual East Coast Rock Critic cliches of why they were hated.

I've always loved them.  And while Henley's ego is still active, it's never gotten in the way of enjoying their records.  But the whole livin' easy in California vibe was a major turnoff for East Coast critics.

Henley remains a fascinating figure, especially among music critics.  They hate him more than they hate his records, but his solo stuff always got good to great reviews.  Watching him in this doc won't change your mind about him if you are in the hate camp. Just the way he refers to  Don Felder as Mr. Felder will make you cringe.

It's a doc worth watching just to see how bands start with so much promise and when they've reached the pinnacle, can flame out just as fast.

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