Monday, February 11, 2013

Poll Monitors

What's the latest trend among Pazz & Jop voters?  Taking shots at other P&J voters' ballots.  I first noticed this on Twitter where someone I follow sarcastically posted about those who voted for "Thrift Shop" in the Singles category.
I then noticed it again on Facebook where someone did the same thing after a voter slotted a single by Train (the new worst band according to some people, something I don't understand).

The modern Internet age has opened up everyone's ballot.  I first started voting in this era, and my ballot has always been there for anyone to look at.  I even post it on this blog.

Now we have what I call P&J Poll monitors.  People who the minute the Poll is published, rush to their computers, look over what (to them) odd songs got votes and then post about it.

But as the trend towards lampooning other voters choices will grow, you'll see people being careful not to squeeze in too many choices that aren't pre-approved by nationwide tastemakers.

I've always felt that my own ballots are too mainstream.  Not "out there" enough.  But in the end I send what I feel are my 10 best albums/singles.

Yet, the people who are trying to take down other people's choices are setting themselves up for ridicule.  I looked at their ballots and came away with my own head-scratchers.  But in no way did I think of posting about how stupid they were for picking them.

Welcome to the age of Internet snark.  Or do I mean swarm.  Where anyone can shoot you down with just a few clicks.

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