Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Dad, 5 Years Later

It's been 5 years to the day that my Dad died. While I miss him dearly, and think about him a lot, I always feel like he's near me. And I'm not even a spiritual person.

I've posted before that my Dad's small vinyl/8-track collection played a major role in my love of all genres of music. He had mostly Country & Pop vocalists on the turntable, but in his later years he had a fondness for Blue-Collar names like Springsteen & Mellencamp.

Then there was Elvis, his musical hero and mine.  My only regret is I never got to take him to Graceland. If he were here we would have made the trip by now.

If you've ever lost a Parent that you loved, you know that you never get over it.  But you move on and live the life they would want.

Like I always say when I post about my Dad.
Thanks Rocky for being a wonderful Dad.
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