Friday, March 22, 2013

Bobby Rogers

Although Bobby Rogers died a couple of weeks ago, something about his death has always bothered me.  And then I realized it had to do with the bone-heads at the Rock Hall who made the Miracles wait 25 years to join Smokey Robinson in the Hall.  Smokey himself states that he had been lobbying for the Miracles to get in for years, and it wasn't until 2012 that the Hall finally did it.  But why did no one at the Hall listen to Smokey years ago?

Had they done so, Bobby Rogers would have been able to attend the ceremonies.  He couldn't in 2012 because of illness.   It's both kind of sad and yet very fulfilling that Rogers got the honor while he was alive.  But once again, the Hall's frustrating ways of bestowing honors can get even a major non-Hall watcher upset.

Once again I want to remind people out there who slam the Hall and say it means nothing to get inducted.  Ask a Bobby Rogers or a member of the Miracles how much it meant.
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