Wednesday, March 06, 2013

American Idol 2013

The 2013 American Idol added Keith Urban, Mariah Carey & Nicki Minaj to the recent trend among singing competitions for star power.  Carey is trying to do resurrect her career like JLo did in her two years.
I waited until the show ran live before commenting. It really only took me one show to come to these conclusions.
Keith Urban tries to walk the nice guy/partial critique verse.  But he's offering zip on both counts.
Randy Jackson, who was rumored out, but then brought back at the last minute, is cartoonish as he's always been. How many more years will he torture us?
Mariah Carey's hit days are almost over, so why not grab Idol's big bucks? But as a judge she makes you long for the goofy Steven Tyler. Okay, maybe not, Idol producers must be wandering why they wasted millions on her. And I would suggest, as with Jackson, to hit the mute button the moment she starts talking.
Nicki Minaj is grabbing all the headlines and at least she's critical and motherly in all the right ways.

Idol continues to she'd viewers, but its still the Mothership of all these shows. Do I hear any stars so far? A few have stood out, but lets remember that Idol's track record has been going downhill every year. And this year is no different.
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