Monday, March 18, 2013

RIP Bobby Smith (Spinners)

Bobby Smith passed away on March 16th.

Smith was often overshadowed by Philippe Wynne.  But he sang lead on many of their greatest songs:  "I'll Be Around", "Games People Play", "Then Came You", "Could It Be I'm Falling In Love".  On some of these Wynne came in at the end and did his famous improv vocals (heard best on "Mighty Love").

Both Smith and Wynne are, in my opinion, 2 of the most criminally underrated Soul singers. The death of Smith has now robbed the Spinners of another one of their most identifiable voices.

But the music will continue, despite the fact that Henry Fambrough is the only living member of the Spinners. And I'm hoping someday Rock Hall voters (and NomCom members who passed on them in 2013) will get their heads out their you-know-what, and rightly place my favorite Soul Group of the 70's where they belong (they've been nominated once in 2012).

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