Sunday, May 19, 2013

Donna Summer & Chic & Rock Hall

After watching the HBO 2013 Rock Hall Induction Ceremony (edited from the actual show), I can tell you that I'm still ticked off at the anti-Disco voters who only cast a vote for Donna Summer after she died. Those that failed to vote for her before must have felt great about themselves for getting her in.  I'm not impressed with these voters.  She was nominated 4 times before.  Where were these people?

Some have asked me if Summer was alive, and nominated last year, would she have gotten in, and my answer remains no.  But a less sturdy no than in year's past.  While I believe she was getting close to induction, I still think the biased Disco voters would have kept her out for at least one more year.

The behavior of these voters is pretty disgusting, but look at what they are doing to Chic.  The genius of Nile Rodgers' highly influential Dance band has been rightly recognized by the NomCom. Yet, 7 nominations and foolish voters have been blinded by Chic being branded as "Disco" era novelty.    But here's what surprises me.  Nile is well known among current Hall of Famers.  But I don't think their vote alone can get him in.  The "industry people", whoever they are, will have to put him over.  There's a feeling that 2014 will be Chic's year.  Nile is highly visible now with his work on the Daft Punk album.  It has to be enough.  It better be.
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