Wednesday, June 12, 2013

20 Best Doors Song Poll

Been awhile since I've participated in one of these polls.  The artists the site has been doing lately are ones I've little interest in.  But this one on the Doors, prompted by Ray Manzarek's death, was worth it, as it gave me a chance to go back and listen to their catalog.  While my top tier below includes the usual classics, because I think they were best on those, the lower tier has some good album cuts worth exploring.

 1. Light My Fire
2. Break On Through
3. Riders In The Sky
4. Love Her Madly
5. LA Woman
6. Love Me Two Times
7. Crystal Ship
8. People Are Strange
9. The End
10. Hello I Love You
11. Touch Me
12. Soul Kitchen
13. Unknown Soldier
14. Twentieth Century Fox
15. Peace Frog
16. Hyacinth House
17. Waiting For The Sun
18. Gloria (live)
19. Wasp
20. Wild Child

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