Monday, August 26, 2013

World Around Me

How did we ever keep up with the a world before smartphones and iPads?  Right, we read newspapers and watched TV news and sports programs. But we don't need those anymore. I'm typing this in Orlando after having checked my a Facebook and Twitter feeds. How hard is it to tune out all that stuff? From what I saw in airports and airplanes, pretty tough.
Everyone is tuned in. Almost 24 hours a day. Okay, there's breaks for sleep and maybe work. But even at work we have our phones with us.

You know what I did on the plane? I read newspapers and magazines. Not from my iPad, but the old-fashion way.  But I felt like a dying breed. Two people next to me were reading books from their iPads.  And here I was feeling like an old dinosaur.

You know, you don't really realize how much the world is changing until you get  away from your comfortable surroundings.  Then you really see it.
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