Tuesday, August 20, 2013

An Article Praising the Eagles?

This link was too good to pass up:
The Eagles

14 album tracks by the Eagles meant to show that they were better than critic's think and thought they were.
Seems like every critic hates the Eagles nowadays (or Don Henley at least), yet they are so ubiquitous in our listening lives that you could never fully ignore them if you wanted to.  Even today.

No, the critic's were wrong.  What they hated about the Eagles, if  I remember from many critical takedowns,  were there smugness, their livin' easy in L.A. attitude, their women are always wrong lyrics and well, their massive egos.  And Don Henley remains the poster boy of all this.
Doesn't help that Henley was one of the first to blast illegal file-sharers and now in his 60's is turning into an old crank.  Crankier than when he was in the biggest American group.

Still, I love the Eagles and, getting back to this article, this is one of the first reappraisals I've seen on the band.  Almost as good as the Documentary which came out this year.

Only wish he had remembered 1975's "After the Thrill Is Gone".
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