Sunday, October 06, 2013

How We Listen To Music

Okay, I'm guilty.  A question that pops up often along social media sites.  Do people still listen to music, like the used to?  We used to devour albums (vinyl).  We had to.  You had to flip the damn thing over to get to Side B.  Then came CD's and you could hear the whole thing in one sitting.  Now comes streaming.  You can do the same, right?  Not really.  Because most of us listen to albums, or streaming radio, while doing something online.

I'm guilty of this.  I've streamed many albums in the background.  But my technique is still the same as it was during the vinyl days.  When something hits me, I sit up and take notice.  Bad background music is still bad music.

What it comes down to is how you adopt to the changing tech world.  I have and have no complaints.  I'm still able to weed out good and bad music.
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