Thursday, January 02, 2014

Notes on My Year End Lists

My #1 album had been set for months.  That's usually the case when it comes to making my lists.  Although there are late releases that sneak through and obscure titles that I miss that do the same, my top titles rarely change.
So it was with Kacey Musgraves album.  But the other albums on that Top 20 are very good indeed.  And there were many just below the Top 20.  I'm sure I've underrated a bunch of stuff. For 2013 I kept it a solid 20.  Also, the Daft Punk single was an easy choice for my #1.  The only head-scratching occurred with the reissue list.  The Harry Nilsson collection just edged out the Art Brut one.  And, not to praise myself too much, but I haven't seen the Art Brut on any other reissue list, but I think it's a fabulous collection.

Yet the usual disclaimer.  I haven't heard everything that was released in 2013.  In 20 years I'll still be catching up.  Even in this age of everything at our fingertips, we will never be able to hear all we want. I also think my year end lists are tilt too populist.  My album list didn't include enough titles that aren't showing up on other lists.   So, consider my year end lists as I do others:  just a snapshot of my little musical window of that year.  But not the whole picture.
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