Tuesday, December 17, 2013

2014 Rock Hall Inductee Reaction

Might as well get this out of the way.  The Hall won't release the final vote totals, so we don't know how they are coming up with their inductees.  There really is no set rule on how people are inducted, regardless of what you may have read.  I've often believed that they are playing with the final numbers.  Especially in close elections.

It's not that I don't like Cat Stevens, but I'm very skeptical of his totals.  But then again, isn't it nice to get another singer-songwriter out of the way? And lesson learned for me and others. Never underestimate singer-songwriters and the Rock Hall.

I pretty much say the same thing every year.  But for Hall newbies, it's a good lesson.  Most people will read the headlines and think the 2014 inductees all got more votes than the others.  But skepticism must reign when it comes to all things Hall.

Now on to the 2014 inductees.  I was wrong about both Deep Purple and KISS.  I thought DP were close last year, but putting KISS on the ballot may have hurt them.  It's weird.  I couldn't find any Hall voter that voted for KISS.  But they must have done well with current Hall members.  Or maybe being picked #1 on the Fan Ballot is enough  to get you inducted, no matter what your vote total.  As people are pointing out, the Hall may have a PR issue by not inducting the top vote getter. But let's see how this plays out with the Fan ballot for 2015. Rush in 2013, KISS in 2014. Are there any more big fan bases left that could top this poll in the future? Regardless, it's good to get them out of the way, isn't it?

No surprises with Nirvana and Linda Ronstadt or even Peter Gabriel getting.  Gabriel is a crit-fave.

And yes, I'm very happy that Hall & Oates go in, and on their first time.

But let's never let the NomCom off the hook.  I believe that, once again, they look like fools.  Snubbing Hall & Oates & Linda Ronstadt after all these years.  And both get in right away.  Doing their best to keep KISS of the ballot, and then finding out that the fans want them inducted.  We are seeing this more and more.  Acts that have waited forever getting in first time nominated.  The NomCom fell asleep with these names in the past and now are watching their lapses being exposed.

The complaints are many.  No African-American artists inducted.
Anti-disco voters get their way again by ignoring Chic.
Only one Hard Rock act getting in.  Which means Deep Purple and Yes have to wait another year.  I thought at least 2 of these 3 would go in.

The non-performer category remains up in the air every year.mBrian Epstein is a good choice, but long overdue. Andrew Loog Oldham? Never thought of it much. But I see where the NomCom is getting cute here.
And they found a way to get the E Street Band in there, when they should have just inducted them with Springsteen.

All in all, not really many surprises on the ballot this year, outside of Cat. No left-field choices like a Paul Butterfield or Zombies or even the Meters or NWA.
Nope, no African-Americans in any category.

The backlog of worthy artists continue. With many who would go in first time nominated.

Gives us all another year to complain.
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