Friday, December 20, 2013

A Hall Voter's Definition or Rock and Roll

Michael McGill, who is a founding member of the Dells, sent me a remarkable reply when I asked him if he votes (and if so, who he voted) for the Rock Hall.

He told me he does and sent me this reply, which he has given me permission to reprint here:

Linda Ronstadt
Hall & Oates
The Hall has a lot of 'Snubs' and you just don't walk into The
Rock n Roll Hall Of Fame.  Personally I have mixed emotions
about The Hall's nomination/induction process, but very proud
that The Dells, Moonglows, Flamingos & Little Anthony are in.
We must be careful less we forget Alan Freed's original idea of
Rock n Roll, which we all know is basically 'Rhythm & Blues' .
Most of your younger fans are into Rock Bands,
and know nothing about the early 50's artist that created this music.
We have to be careful that it doesn't totally, become
The Rock Hall of Fame, leaving out pioneers i.e. The Chantels, Clovers,
5 Royales, Connie Francis ..... I'm not bias, just truthful.  I love
The Rolling Stones & Beach Boys,  but I'm worried about, The Stylistics,
Manhattans, Chi-lites, Whispers, LaBelle, Teddy, Delphonics etc.
Michael McGill
The Dells

Michael once sent me an email about why I slotted the Dells so low when they were nominated.  I've felt bad about it since, and having listened to a bunch of their music over the years, realize I should have placed them higher.

Michael's response should be required reading to all those who don't know the definition of "Rock and Roll" and why the Hall continues to nominate as they do. I'm glad that he sends me the occasional email about the Dells, and always answers an questions I send to him.  
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