Sunday, February 02, 2014

Bruno Mars & Selling Out

Have to laugh at the rock it's who won't give Bruno Mars his due. He's a showman, for sure, but he knows how to write a good song.  He certainly didn't need the Chili Peppers.  I'm not a big fan, but I can see why they were there. To give Rock fans someone to hold on to.
Living in the past is all well and fine when it comes to your musical tastes, but keep your opinions to yourself if you can't embrace what's out there today. I hope the grumpy old man syndrome never gets me. I'm on the cusp of 50, and keeping my fingers crossed.

Oh, and selling out. Dylan did that in 2004 with a Victoria's Secret commercial. Remember this, musicians have been seeping out forever.  Name your fave: Elvis, Beatles, Stones, Stevie Wonder, Ray Charles, Neil Young.
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