Wednesday, May 21, 2014

SRV & The Rock Hall Mystery

Andy Langer writes about Stevie Ray Vaughan's absence from the Rock Hall in the June 2014 issue of Texas Monthly.
It's a good column. But he misses what I feel is an important piece of SRV's absence.
The possibility that the NomCom wants to make sure that they haven't overlooked any other Blues greats before getting to him, knowing that SRV will make in on his first try.
So, they've nominated Albert & Freddie King recently, and both go in right away.
With that in mind, it's also likely that a Johnny Winter could get nominated before SRV.

I don't believe the NomCom has forgotten about him. But are just waiting for the perfect moment.  I still say he'll be inducted first ballot.  

Here's the Texas Monthly article:

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