Friday, August 29, 2014

First CD Player

Someone on Facebook asked an interesting question.  When did you buy your first CD player.  I didn't think much of the question until I realized it was a 25 year anniversary that passed me buy.
The first CD player I bought was in the Summer of 1988.  It was a Sony and I got it at Macy's (yes, they once sold electronics).  My recollection on whether it was a single-disc or multi-disc player is kind of murky.  I don't have the player anymore, having sold it long time ago.  I'm guessing it was a single-disc.  One thing I do know is that the last player I owned was a multi-one.

Anyway, when it came to moving up from records to CD's, I held out as long as I could.  Eventually, stores were slowly moving out vinyl and moving in discs.  It was all about supply and demand.
There was also the promise of what the CD could offer.  I had gotten tired of buying records that were scratched, skipped or were warped.  And a CD corrected all of that.

What I do remember is that none of this were cheap.  Like buying your first laptop computer, CD players weren't that cheap at the start.  At least Sony's weren't.  And I was always a Sony fan.
Once I got the player, I had to buy some CD's.  Near Macy's was a Wherehouse (you remember those?).  Even in 1988 prices for discs were high.  Over $12 for a catalog title.  The first CD's I bought were an Elton John Greatest Hits title first released in 1974 and a Bobby McFerrin title.  McFerrin had the #1 song at that time, and his CD was always getting good notices on how it sounded on CD players.

As the years went on I filled the coffers of the music industry pretty well.  I basically re-bought my whole LP collection on CD.  The first few years were tough to do because some vinyl titles took forever to get on CD.
There's going to come a time when we will feel nostalgia for our old CD's and units.  Just like people do about vinyl.  With streaming and digital about to eliminate CD's there will also be a market for them.  I ended up getting rid of my vinyl collection due to space limitations.  But my CD collection will go with me to my grave.

Well, maybe just a few Elvis Presley titles.
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