Friday, September 26, 2014

RIP Ipod Classic

Apple announced 2 weeks ago it was discontinuing the Ipod Classic.  I still have mine.  A 20GB one that holds just under 4000 songs.  What I have on it are the cream of my music collection.  In other words, the best Elvis Presley songs, not all Elvis Presley songs.

But while I still played the Ipod, I didn't use it as often.  In fact, I rarely took any songs off it.  The last time I made a major change on it was 3 years ago.  So, I'll probably have to get a Nano or Touch to add all the good songs that I've missed in the last 3 years.

The Ipod came out in October 2001, and I think I bought mine for Christmas.  Remember the Ipod Mini?  Yeah, I had one of those as well, but sold it years ago.  With Iphones able to do what the Ipod could do, Apple didn't see a need to keep it around.

Eventually, they'll close down all things Ipod. But I'll never get rid of mine.  It's still a thrill to hit the old Shuffle Songs option and be amazed at what's going to come up.  That's what made the Ipod the legend it was.  Some people made Playlists, but I never did.  It was all about the Shuffle.

There were some sad posts about the death of the IClassic.  But mine is still alive.  Still handy whenever I need a fix.  4000 songs strong.  Just waitin' to be shuffled.
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