Friday, September 12, 2014

2015 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Nominee Predictions

The usual introduction.  Prediciting who the NomCom will nominate is tough.  You have to look at the list of first time eligibles, past nominees, names that haven't been nominated that are big snubs and most importantly, make a few guesses.  Apparently, although Joel Peresman denies this, NomCom members aren't allowed to speak about what goes on at their yearly meeting.  Some info does leak out, but most of them are quiet.

Although I follow all things Rock Hall, I have no special insider information on what the NomCom might do. Doesn't matter what NomCom member you follow on Twitter or Facebook. Some secrets never get out. We know some names members want inducted.  But that's never a sure-fire guarantee for a nomination.  So, some of my picks are mere musings on artists and scenarios.

But you can always expect surprises.  Especially, if like last year, with Tom Morello and Questlove, new members of the NomCom show up.

BTW- Future Rock Legends and I share 12 out of 16 names.  The Bill Withers shared pick has been on my mind for years.  Just karma between us, I suppose.

This year I'm putting up 16 names:

1.  Green Day - First time eligible, and just the sort of 90's name the NomCom wants.

2.  Stevie Ray Vaughan - I've been picking him every year since he's been eligible.  If not him, maybe a sympathetic nod for Johnny Winter or a NomCom fave like the Paul Butterfield Blues Band.

3.  Yes -  Didn't miss induction by much last year?  That's the rumor. Would be 2nd time nominated.

4.  Roxy Music - Incredibly puzzling to think they've never even been nominated.  Not once.  Maybe they need a reunion tour to get the NomCom to notice them.

5.  Chic - Hard to pick against another nomination.  But maybe they give Nile & Co. a rest this year?

6.   Smiths - I think they want the Cure in first.  But this would get a lot of ""will they or won't they show up" dialog going if they got inducted.  A high profile nomination.  The type the NomCom needs.

7.  Bill Withers - A singer-songwriter every year, and Withers as an R&B one would fit nicely.  I first thought about him in  2010 as a backup pick (2011 Predictions ) He would be a perfect pick. Loved by artists and critics.

8.  Monkees -  Always on the shortlist of snubbed acts.  Could also go to the Zombies, Turtles, Paul Revere & The Raiders or lots of other mid-60's era bands.

9.  Nine Inch Nails -As with Green Day, another first-time 90's name the NomCom would love to get to the podium.

10.  Joan Jett & The Blackhearts - Nominated in 2012, 2013. Her presence at the 2014 ceremony only makes this even more certain. But wouldn't it be funny if they instead nominated the Runaways?

11.  Link Wray - A surprise that he didn't go in  last year.

12.  N.W.A - Nominated last two years. They really, really want another Rap act inducted. I've only got one listed here, but LL Cool J could make another appearance.

13.  Kraftwerk - The NomCom likes them, which is usually enough to get back on the ballot.   Nominated twice before, the last in 2013.

14.  Chicago - Real close, right?  So why can't they get nominated?  Not critical favorites for one.   Maybe if they had split up for good after Peter Cetera left?  If not them, maybe another fan fave that's not loved by critics, Bon Jovi.

15.  Deep Purple - Lots of support among the Hard Rock community.  This would be their  3rd time on the ballot.

16.  Replacements - Kind of a surprise nominee last year.  Kids of the 80's were loving their nomination.  Could also go to another 80's fave, Sonic Youth.

Some more first time nominee possibilities that could get on the ballot:  Cars, Cheap Trick, Neil Sedaka, Neville Brothers, Lesley Gore, Turtles, Joan Baez, Paul Revere & The Raiders, Eurythmics, Joe Cocker, Steve Miller Band, ELO, Willie Nelson, Joan Baez, Sonic Youth.

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