Thursday, October 09, 2014

Rock Hall Nominees 2015: Quick Thoughts

Just some quick thoughts on the 2015 nominees:

Very happy to see the Smiths and Stevie Ray Vaughan finally getting nominated.  Both eligible since 2008.

Vaughan is paired with NomCom fave, the Paul Butterfield Blues Band in an interesting combo.

Bill Withers is one name I predicted would get nominated.   Been thinking about him since 2010, but didn't slot him until this year.  He's also this year's singer-songwriter pick. Will be a strong first ballot contender.

Death can get you back on the ballot.  Lou Reed, last nominated in 2001 is back and now it seems he'll go in right away.  Sting's solo nomination is no surprise.

Lots of R&B to choose from. Names returning:  War, Marvelettes, Chic and my beloved Spinners.

Only 1 rap act nominated, which means the NomCom wants the path for NWA to get easier.

Only 2 women acts on the ballot:  Joan Jett is a NomCom fave, too.  Oh, and so are Kraftwerk.
In fact, 9 of the 15 nominated have been here before.

No surprise on the two 90's bands getting first time noms:  Green Day still seem a lock, while Nine Inch Nails still don't seem one.  But I've got some time to think about Trent Reznor.

So, what's missing:  Good old fashioned Rock bands.  No Deep Purple or Yes.

No one from the 50's.  Meaning Link Wray who I thought would go in right away last year is missing.  As are many others from that era.

Right off the top I can see 4 locks:  Green Day, Lou Reed, Stevie Ray and,Withers.  That leaves 2, maybe 3 open slots.

Going to be another tough ballot.

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