Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Going Disco: My Spotify Playlist

My latest Spotify playlist focuses on another era that always fascinated me.  When it seemed like every artist was adding Disco elements to their music.  This would be from 76-80 when Disco was at its peaked.  Anything earlier than that qualifies.  Post-80 was when the dreaded "disco" word got replaced with a more universal word, "dance".
Disco continues to get a bad rap.  Look what the Rock Hall voters did to Donna Summer.  Only inducting her after her death.  Or the way they've treated Chic.  Shameful.  During its run, Rockers, Soul legends, R&B acts, even Country artists cut a Disco song or two.  Some were forgettable, while others have aged better three decades later.

My Spotify playlist (link below) includes the obvious names who went Disco:  Rolling Stones, Rod Stewart, Paul McCartney, Bee Gees.  But it also includes surprises like Ronnie Milsap, Karen Carpenter, Glen Campbell.  R&B legends like the Spinners, Wilson Pickett.  I'm still looking for ones that I missed.  So suggestions are welcome.

Going Disco

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