Thursday, October 20, 2016

Top Iggy Pop/Stooges Songs (Poll)

Latest poll I voted in was an interesting one:  Top 20 Iggy Pop/Stooges songs.  Iggy's peak years were from 1969-1979 and that's where 18 of my picks come from.  He made some decent music from the 80's onward, but his best decade was hard to top.  Interesting note:  Iggy had only one Top 40 hit, "Candy", which came in 1991, peaking at #28 (and was a duet with B-52's singer Kate Pierson).

1.  I Wanna Be Your Dog  (Stooges)
2.  Search and Destroy  (Stooges)
3.  Lust for Life   (Iggy)
4.  Raw Power   (Stooges)
5.  Passenger   (Iggy)
6.  Loose   (Stooges)
7.  1969    (Stooges)
8.  China Girl    (Iggy)
9.  Gimme Danger    (Stooges)
10. T.V. Eye   (Stooges)
11. Tonight   (Iggy)
12. Nightclubbing   (Iggy)
13. L.A. Blues   (Stooges)
14. No Fun   (Stooges)
15. Candy   (Iggy)
16. 1970   (Stooges)
17. Down On The Street   (Stooges)
18. Funtime   (Iggy)
19, Neighborhood Threat    (Iggy)
20. Real Wild Child   (Iggy)

Top 5 Iggy/Stooges Albums
1.  Raw Power (Stooges)
2.  Lust for Life (Iggy)
3.  Funtime  (Stooges)
4,  Idiot  (Iggy)
5.  Stooges
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