Sunday, March 26, 2017

Remembering Dad at 84

May Dad passed away in 2008. Today would have been his 84th birthday.

I bought my Dad books for his Birthday.  Usually Military history or Sports ones.  It was fun to go to bookstores (remember them?) and find stuff for him to read.  Yep, I miss those days.  Nowadays, when I see a book he would have been interested in, I pause, and remember his surprised expression when he saw what I got him.

His Birthday comes one month after his passing in February, and a couple of weeks from the date my Mom passed. So, the 2 months are always sentimental to me.

But I loved the man more today than I did when he was alive.  I think that's always the case with loved ones who pass away.  

I'm comforted in knowing that he touched many more lives besides his own family. He was a humble hero, those are the ones I admire most.

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