Monday, November 28, 2005

Musings on the Rock Hall's 2006 class

The Hall cleans out its closet. 11/28: AOL News: Rock Hall of Fame Announces Inductees Sabbath, Skynyrd, Sex Pistols all have been on the ballot for too long. Nice to get them off and see some new names on the ballot in 2006. I had a feeling Miles Davis would get in on his first try. Once again a RRHOF class without Gamble & Huff. But hey, Herb Alpert's in the Hall. It seems that the Hall wants to get in any one that owned a Record Company. That's no diss on A&M, but let's not forget songwriters as well. Good for Skynyrd. No comment on Sabbath. As for Blondie, I think there are stronger acts, but have no problem with them. I've heard some say this is a weak class considering that Mellencamp, Stooges and Chic are deserving. And some aren't happy that Grandmaster Flash got passed for the 2nd Rock Hall of Fame leaves rappers out of its new class Next year REM are eligible and will go in the first time.
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