Thursday, May 04, 2006

Wolfmother Really Aren't Serious

First there's the name. Wolfmother? Then there's lead guitar/singer Andrew Stockdale's hair. Eric Clapton's Cream days! But I should talk about the music. At first it's Uriah Heep imagery. Unicorns, eagles, witchcraft, jokers and tales. Oh and they're a power trio. But this isn't so much Cream as it's Led Zeppelin. But maybe it's a 70's White Stripes. Okay, they're derivative. And if it sounds like I'm being sarcastic and skeptical, I'm not. I like this CD as much as I liked the Darkness albums. But like the Darkness, I wonder if they'll last past album #2 without all the imagery. At times they rock harder than any band I've heard in years. Other times they unicorn stuff makes me puke, or laugh. Unlike the Darkness there's no humor here, but maybe there is. The followup will tell. But this strange hybrid should keep you early 70's classic rock fans happy.
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