Friday, June 27, 2008


Sony/Legacy has come up with some interesting reissues of classic albums. Midnight Oil's Diesel and Dust, Carole King's Tapestry and Willie Nelson's Stardust have all been expanded to 2 CD's. All 3 CD's were transitional moments for those artists. King was known as a songwriter than a singer but Tapestry (like Sweet Baby James) gave birth to a whole slew of singer-songwriters (and ushered in the sensitive 70's). Willie threw another bone to the Nashville snobs by going the standards route. Using Booker T. Jones as a producer he showed that Jazz and Country did have a meeting place. Midnight Oil's album took off on "Beds Are Burning" and gave the band its biggest hit single and album. It too was a peak in a catalog that was growing. But it was also a remarkable glimpse into a region few Americans knew anything about: Australian Aborigine's and their treatment by their Government. A one hour DVD documentary rounds it out, as does a live DVD for King and an interesting best of the Songbooks for Willie Nelson that I suggest Legacy release as a stand alone.
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