Monday, July 07, 2008

We Want The Funk

There was a post on another site about the lack of Funk titles released on CD. There are some Rick James titles missing and I've noticed 3 of the Commodores 75-78 titles missing on CD. Two of the latter can be downloaded on Itunes as well as a Harold Melvin 1975 title, To Be True. I had to download Chuck Brown's 1979 album on Itunes, Bustin' Loose, because it is now out of print. I'm not big on downloading albums. I like CD booklets and artwork and making my own CD of a download is just too long. I'm old school. Anyway, I want to applaud Shout Factory for reissuing Gladys Knight & The Pips 1974 Curtis Mayfield produced Claudine Soundtrack as a twofer with the inferior Pipe Dreams. Knight's catalog is a mess too, with many missing titles. But the Mayfield release is an overlooked gem in a big catalog. This is the reality of 2008. I wouldn't say that a lot of the R&B titles I want on CD will ever come back in physical form. Most likely they'll stay digital. You have to search, and for old school people like us that may be our only hope.
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