Monday, June 30, 2008

Not A Review Of The Monterey Bay Blues Festival

Every year I go to the Monterey Bay Blues Festival. It's not that the lineups are full of household names, it's just to soak up the atmosphere. Isn't that what Music fests are about? Anyway, I went on a Sunday and stayed from 10-6. So I didn't see any of the main stage headliners (B.B. King) because I was too cheap to splurge for the extra cash. But the free entertainment was decent.
Here's a quick recap of what I saw for 8 hours:
Heard 3 versions of "Born Under A Bad Sign"
Heard 3 versions of "Got My Mojo Workin'"
Heard 2 versions of "Give Me One Reason", this must be a new blues standard
Also saw a lot of Obama t-shirts

Best band I saw were aged 16, 14 and a young girl drumming who was 9. And they were from Mississippi. Their name wasn't that good, though: Homemade Jamz Band.
But their youth! Maybe the Blues is in good hands after all.
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