Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 2009 Nominee Rant Pt. 1

These rants about the Hall could make for a daily blog, but I usually pull back after awhile.
This year's 2009 nominees are ripe for ranting. Yep, despite its Rolling Stone article, there's no Rush. And again no Kiss or Alice Cooper. And for my Soul cravings no Spinners. The latter grows more scandolous each year. Despite, critical raves, no Neil Diamond.

For your first time nominees the biggest omission is Stevie Ray Vaughan. I guess they felt solo Jeff Beck was good enough. No, it wasn't. Also first timers the Smiths got passed over. Note to Hall: just because a band was huge in England doesn't mean their influence didn't reach our shores. And though I think they have a shot in the future, no Bon Jovi. This makes critics happy, but I have a feeling they'll get nominated one day.

Who will the phantom voters induct?
I'm guessing Run DMC, Metallica, Little Anthony, Jeff Beck and Stooges.
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