Sunday, October 12, 2008

Jenny Lewis' 70's Singer-Songwriter Fix

If you say a new male artist sounds like a singer-songwriter you remember from that era's heyday in the 70's, what does it conjure. Guys with guitars, singing with sentimental vocals. If you say the same for a woman, what does it conjure. Not the same. Because the 70's male singer-songwriter's image was different than the woman's. That's what I thought when listening to Jenny Lewis' second solo album, Acid Tongue. It reminded me of album's by Laura Nyro, Phoebe Snow, Carole King and countless other female singer-songwriters that have been forgotten, but fondly remembered. Lewis plumbs all the usual territory, lyrically and musically. But she brings it up to date in the 00's. If you don't like that era, than stay away from her album. I did and didn't, and am glad Lewis made a good album to boot.
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