Sunday, November 23, 2008

Axl Goes For Perfection

The hype surrounding Guns N' Roses' Chinese Democracy is nothing compared to the one that ensued in 1991 when they released the separate double albums Use Your Illusion I and II. But like those 2 albums, Chinese Democracy falls short. It's no disaster, for sure. And it's also not a pure group album. It's Axl Rose's decade+ long quest for perfection solo album. The problem with Use Your Illusion were that they would have made a great single album. The problem with Chinese Democracy is that Axl Rose, even after 17 years of fiddling with all the studio knobs for perfection has nothing new to say. Musically, the roots of the original band are there, but lyrically Rose is reduced to talking about himself. And for a recluse, Axl Rose is not a very interesting person. You'll find some things hear for your Ipod. I like the 2nd single "Better" and also "If The World". One shouldn't fault Rose for seeking perfection. Who cares if it took him nearly 2 decades to come up with what his head was telling him should be a masterpiece. But where Rose, and Chinese Democracy fall short of his past, is the simple fact that the album is just okay. And after 17 years of waiting, shouldn't I have been able to come up with a better word?
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