Friday, December 09, 2011

X Factor

Yea, I'm watching, but don't find it any better than a normal season of American Idol.  The big difference between the two is supposed to be the age of the singers.  X Factor goes high, but the reality is that in the U.S. the voters always tilt young.  In England, a Susan Boyle can win, but in America we didn't get a sympathetic older voice like hers to vote on.
Still, the ones texting their votes the most are the same ones that watch American Idol.
But the big problem here, as on Idol are the judges.  Hard to believe that LA Reid could hate an Old School/Bill Withers type Soul singer like LeRoy Bell, but he did.  I wonder if Reid knew Bell's backstory.  He and his 70's songwriting partner Casey James co-wrote the Elton John hit "Mama Can't Buy You Love" and "Are You  Ready For Love". The duo had a disco hit in 1979 with "Livin' It Up".  And his Uncle is the genius Soul Producer/Songwriter Thom Bell.  Yet, Reid hated Bell.  Because Reid likes the youngsters and felt Bell was too old and boring.  A stunning failure on Reid's part to recognize a lost talent.
Simon is Simon, and the other two stink as usual.
There's talent on this show, for sure.  But will any make it past their initial first albums?  Take a look at all the Idol winners and runner-ups who have been getting dumped after 1 album.  It's a tough business regardless of how many tune in every week and vote for you.
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