Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Behind Closed Hall Doors

John Soeder of the Cleveland Plains Dealer is right in his piece about the Hall's Nominating Process:

It does seem like the Hall is as he put it "magically" inducting people out of the blue.  Leon Russell, the Crickets, Comets, etc., Freddie King.
I wonder if this is going to be a new trend.  And if it is, it is indeed troubling.  King was on the ballot, but he apparently didn't get enough votes.  So, presto, let's call him an early influence and see if anyone cares or notices.
Well, people did notice.  Now I believe Russell would have gotten voted in, but still, if he can get in on something called Musical Excellence, than why can't the forever nominated Chic or how about a real pioneer like Gram Parsons?

I don't think this is the last of the special committees that the Hall is creating.  As people begin to speak up more and more about missing acts, the Hall will get nervous about who is missing.
Speaking ups a good thing, but the Hall needs to come clean about voting totals, voters and nominating committee members.  And stop this foolishness about how revealing those names will mean those people will get hounded from Rush and KISS fans.
We all know who's on the Football Hall of Fame's voting committee, why does this Hall continue to shroud its selection process in a thick coat of mystery?
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