Sunday, August 26, 2012

Neil Armstrong

This isn't a post about music, but about heroes.  I had a G.I. Joe Astronaut when I was young.  My sister sold it at a Garage sale years later without telling me, and I still wish I had it.

But the Golden Age of the Space Program was part of my Elementary school youth.  I can remember making Space modules out of , and of course, using my G.I. Astronaut as the leader of the mission.

The landing on the moon, and being the first to walk on the moon is what started all this.  Neil Armstrong and that first wave of Astronauts were all heroes to me.  Read The Right Stuff, or see the movie to understand why.

Armstrong was the reluctant hero of the whole bunch.  The first to walk on the moon, and to utter a phrase that would last for centuries, he rarely did interviews and was rarely seen anywhere year after year.

So, when he died yesterday, those of us who grew up during the race for the Moon, had a lump in our throat.  These were our heroes, back when the Space program meant something, back when every kid wanted to grow up to be an Astronaut.

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