Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Anyone else think this will be the most scrutinized Rock Hall Nominee ballot, when it's announced next month.
What with metal fans like Eddie Trunk ready to pounce if a Deep Purple, Rush or KISS don't get on the ballot.
And then there's the ones who died this year like Davy Jones, Whitney Houston, Donna Summer and Don Cornelius.
There are those who think that the Monkees and Whitney will now sail on to the ballot.  I'm still not sure, especially with Houston.  Won't make up my mind until I make my prediction's in a couple of weeks.

While Donna Summer's nomination is a sure thing, the question is will she get enough of the anti-disco voters to go her way.  I will say I'm less skeptical about her chances than in any other year she's been nominated.

As for Don Cornelius, the people who run the non-performer category should at least have him on their radar this year, shouldn't they?

But its the genres that people feel are being neglected that will prompt the most outcry if names don't show up on the ballot.  Prog, Metal and R&B are the ones that I heard the most about last year.  Prog and Metal are there every year in people's minds, but R&B was a new one to me last year.  Most likely brought on by the Spinners nomination.  I can tell you Dave Marsh told me in an email that the lack of these vocal groups to get anywhere with the NomCom has frustrated him.

You could say that every year the NomCom ballot is scrutinized, but this year it just feels like things are about to explode.  In a good way?  Depends who you are rooting for.

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