Saturday, September 29, 2012

Music and Politics Again

Politics and music reared their ugly head again recently. Lynyrd Skynyrd, or what's left of it, said that they were no longer going to fly the Confederate flag in their concerts.  After getting bombed by their Southern fans, Gary Rossington (who's the last remaining member) folded and said they still would.

When I saw the initial statement, I knew it wouldn't last.  This version of Skynyrd, which actually kind of stinks, is being kept alive by its core fan base from the 70's and whoever hears their stuff on Classic Rock radio today.

Let me say that the original Skynyrd were a great band, and they still sound good on XM's Deep Cuts whenever I hear a long last track.
But this version, led by Ronnie's brother Johnny on lead vocals has none of the originality of Ronnie's songs.

So, yes I still love the old Skynyrd and have heard very little of the post-Ronnie Skynyrd that is worth exploring.

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