Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Who's Bad?


Is Bad better than Thriller and Off The Wall?

Well, no, it isn't, but that's what the article is about.
The newly reissued 25th anniversary of Bad does have people talking, though.  And it's a slight case of revisionist history, for sure, but Bad is a pretty great album.

The knock on it at the time is that it was too slight, the production was too sterile and Jackson didn't hit the peaks he did with Thriller.

But hearing it now, Quincy Jones' production is still top-notch, and let's face it, Jackson missed it on his future songs.

The songs singled out as slight, like, "Liberian Girl", "Speed Demon" and the Stevie Wonder duet, "Just Good Friends", sound better now with time.

There are demos on the re-release that didn't make the album and while good they are demos nevertheless.  But "I'm So Blue" is excellent.

Stream it yourself if you've never heard it or haven't since 1987.  You might be surprised.

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