Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Year End Lists

Every year I worry that I won't find enough great albums to fill out a year-end list.  This paranoia usually starts right around March.  Although labels do release albums in January/Feb., it isn't until March that the new year really kicks off.

But those fears are always gone by the end of Summer, and now as I look over 3/4's of the year, I could fill out an album/singles list really easy.

The single of the year seems pretty set, but the album race is wide open  By this time last year I knew no album would top Adele's 21, and she was an easy #1.  But this year could be tougher.

I've streamed more albums this year as well, which has helped me weed out overrated critical favorites, and instead find smaller gems.

All of this will play out the last week of December when I knock out another year-end list.
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