Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Voice

Two years into The Voice and the show has yet to produce a single star. Maybe some of the contestants have gotten more gigs at better pay, but as far as breaking through on a household name basis, the answer is no.
You see. so far, the show is about the 4 judges.  And the gimmick of turning their chairs around.  Once that is done, it's just another singing show.  I've heard some good voices, but never thought anybody, especially the winners can sell records.  And isn't that the dream on all these shows?  Make that album and sell that product.

I'll watch as much as I can again this year, but I think the rose will begin to fade for the show.  Much like the U.S. X Factor, which also produced no hit records, the public watches but doesn't want to buy.

Once the seasons are over, the winners drop their albums and hope they sell enough to make another.  Even the American Idol winners are now getting dumped after one release.

As for that show, I'll have more to say on it when they announce all 4 judges.

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