Saturday, December 22, 2012

X Factor/The Voice

The Voice is 0 for 2 in establishing stars.
The X Factor US is 0 for 1.
At least Phillip Phillips, the American Idol winner, has a huge, and pretty decent, single.

But will any of these contestants on the other 2 shows become stars, when the real stars of these shows have become the judges.?  I'm skeptical, because the music industry remains a huge beast, that is hard to break through in.

The Voice winner is a pure Pop singer, even though the show, because of mentor Blake Shelton, tried to get to go Country.  She's not.
The X Factor is a Country singer.  But he sounds like every other Country singer you've ever heard.  Will that genre be able to break him?
In fact, will any of the many contestants be heard from again?  Watching both of these I kept thinking the answer is no.  But that's because I know how hard it is to sell records consistently in today's market.  

The pressure is more on the Voice than the X Factor to break someone.  Now on its 3rd cycle it has better talent than the X Factor did this year.  As for the X Factor, it was the worst of the singing shows by far in 2012.  Dreadfully produced with American Idolish singers belting like crazy.  Also, and this may appear minor to some, but major to me, predictable song choices.  At least the Voice mixed up the obvious with the more obscure.

Call me a fool for caring about this, but good Pop stars can come from these.  Kelly Clarkson & Carrie Underwood are really good.
But I'm beginning to think, with the Voice and the X Factor, that who wins or sells records has become a sideshow to the faux bickering of the judges.  And why do you need 4 on all these shows?  The original AI had 3, and it was perfect.

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