Tuesday, December 11, 2012

2013 Rock Hall Inductees Reaction

Well, there were no surprises among the 6 names.

But, and I am not bragging here, I predicted all 6.                                                                                                             The link is below this post.   Like I always say.  Easier to predict the inductees than who will get nominated.

I actually thought it was a tough ballot to predict, once you got past Public Enemy, Rush and Donna Summer. That left 2 or 3 slots open.

For those wondering about Albert King.  Never underestimate the appeal a legendary Blues artist has with fellow Hall of Famer artists  and older Hall voters.
I correctly figured that most people wouldn't remember that Randy Newman got nominated once before, in 2005.  Newer Hall voters thought he was on their for the first time.
Heart had to have been close last year.  And they had a lot going on this year, with a book, CD and box set all coming out.

Back to Chic.  Now 7 times nominated.  It's getting ridiculous, but putting them on the same ballot with Donna Summer was probably too much Disco even for the few anti-Disco voters that Summer may have turned.  I do hope they return on next year's ballot, though. But I'm getting worried that eventually even the great Nile Rodgers himself might tell the Hall to stop nominating him.

Below the 6 inductees were a lot of closely knit names, but no out and out no-brainers for voters.  I think Kraftwerk and Joan Jett have a good chance down the road. As do Deep Puurple.  Don't know if the Marvelettes are a one-ballot wonder.  The Meters seem to be loved by some fellow Hall of Famers,  but I think the Neville Brothers would be a first-ballot inductee.  Paul Butterfield Blues Band seem marginal to voters, and Procol Harum just didn't feel right to go in right away.   I think Yes would do better.

No Sideman, Early Influences this year.  But we get 2 Non-Performers.  Quincy Jones should have been inducted a long time ago.  Rock Hall politics played a part in keeping him out.  Lou Adler has the Monterey Pop Festival as his calling card.  Let's hope Don Cornelius was discussed this year.

As usual, lots to digest  when it comes to the yearly inductees.
And I might as well get this out of the way.  The only first time nominee no-brainer inductee on the 2014 ballot will be Nirvana.

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