Wednesday, January 23, 2013

More Artists On Itunes

Only the fools are holding out.  But they won't for too long.  Last week Kid Rock put his catalog on Itunes.  Leaving very few artists that won't go digital, for reasons only they can think of.

My Facebook friend George Crock posted this update a few weeks ago:
Only ones left (that I know of) are: pre-1971 Kinks albums, rest of Bob Seger's catalog, King Crimson, Tool, Def Leppard, Ozzy-era and post-Dio era Black Sabbath Albums, and Garth Brooks
Most are holding out for monetary purposes.  Others because they don't like the way their old records sound  digitalized.  But in reality, who knows what their problem is?

I, and many others predict, that all of the above names that George picks will turn up online somewhere.  Let them hold out all they want.  Some are rich enough they don't need catalog sales.  But once they realize that CD's alone won't do it for their pocket change, they will all come around.
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