Monday, February 25, 2013

2013 Oscars

The whining, oh the whining.  My twitter feed was filled with Seth McFarlane complaints.  From what I can gather, he wasn't Politically Correct enough.  But it goes deeper.  Many people don't like Seth, so they had in for him even before he started.

I loved just about everything about his performance,  because he knew from the start that critics were going to pan him, no matter what he did.
But let's face it, hosting the Oscars has become a no-win situation.  Most only want to do it once, and then get the hell out.  Billy Crystal survived, but by his first run he was tepid.  When he hosted again in 2012, he was awful.

The show is a big drag.  This year's clocked in just under 4 hours.  All those useless awards for Art Direction, Sound, Makeup, etc.  Those should all be given out before the show, like the Grammy's do.

And I can't believe they did a James Bond tribute (Shirley Bassey was fabulous, btw), without reuniting all the 007's.

I thought the musical numbers were good.  Bassey, Babs, Hudson, even Les Miz held their own.
It's the Oscars, you're going to get this stuff.

So, Seth may not be back, despite the extra high ratings.  And who cares.  The PC police will be back in 2014 complaining about another Comedian.  Good luck to him/her.
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