Saturday, January 26, 2013

Poll Afterthoughts

Internet bloggers are playing a bigger part in how these year end Music Polls are played out.  I don't have scientific evidence of this, but I know plenty of bloggers/online only writers that are participating.
The big complaint I've heard is that online writers are too narrow in their listening tastes.

I've been doing this and my other, now defunct blog, since 1997.  I consider myself a music historian, having gobbled up tons of genres during my lifetime.  I've listened to as much, too.  That was even before the Internet let us have everything we want at our fingertips.
So, when it comes to stuff like talking about Rock Hall, Country Hall. Songwriters Hall or just music in general, I've done enough research to give a good opinion.

This isn't arrogance.  You should be able to back up your ballots that you turn in.   But it is a reply to anyone who thinks bloggers just aren't qualified to vote in these polls.
I'll argue credentials any day.  And I think many other Online writers would do the same.
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