Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Joe Tex

Ran across this superb bio of Joe Tex that someone linked to on Facebook.

Joe Tex

4 times nominated for the Rock Hall.  The most recent in 2011, and each time his name comes up people keep calling him a 2nd rate Soul singer who doesn't belong in the Hall.

I wrote this when I picked him 6th on my own Hall picks in 2011:

 Joe Tex - His 4th nomination, and still not so familiar with many non-R&B fans. Tex had many hits from the mid-60's to early 70's. Dave Marsh, a NomCom member, wrote his bio on theallmusicguide.com page and calls him one of the most underrated Soul singers on his generation. Like Marsh said, he had one of the first Southern Soul crossover hits, and Rapped on many of his records. Still, as great as he was, it may not be enough to convince voters.

So, as long as Marsh is on the NomCom, Tex will have a shot at getting back on the ballot.

I had him ranked 6th on my ballot that year out of 15.  But I've been listening to his stuff recently, and I'm convinced that he belongs now more than ever.

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