Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Vinyl Talk

All this talk about the return of vinyl makes me wish I'd save mine.  Years ago in order to make space, I gave most of 'em away and the badly scratched up ones got junked.  But my opening line is mostly sarcastic.  Vinyl will never be completely back, no matter how much audiophiles love its sound over CD's.  The niche market might be there, but people are into space saving nowadays.  The kids are streaming and downloading.  The next generation, like me, is holding on to the hopes that CD's last.  But a generation older than me might still be into vinyl.  But unless they held on to their old records, will they be able to find what they want?  Yes, there are a bunch of used LP stores out there.  But are they near where you live.  You can order used LP's online, but do you trust the condition that's listed?

2013 has become the year that vinyl starts getting headlines.  But I'm not ready to go buy another turntable just yet.  My memories of playing vinyl singles and albums is still there.  I just don't think many, like me, who turned their back on it, are ever going that route again.
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