Friday, June 21, 2013

First CD Bought

This is a great article:

First CD's We Bought

In it the author tells a tale that I often do on this blog:  How buying music isn't as fun anymore without holding something physical, CD or LP, in your hands.  Digital just isn't the same.

Anyway, the first CD player I bought was at a Macy's in early 1988.  I immediately went to the Wherehouse that was in the mall and bought 2 CD's.  But the first I picked up was Bobby McFerrin's Simple Pleasures which was high on the charts thanks to "Don't Worry Be Happy".  The other was Elton John's 1974 Greatest Hits album.  The choices weren't that great and neither were the prices.  The McFerrin I bought because I had read that it sounded great on a CD player.  It was one of those albums just made for the new CD market.  The Elton I bought because it was there and on sale.  I still have both, although I scratched the McFerrin soon after buying it by cleaning it (pressing down too hard on disc, until I realized later that you don't have to clean CD's unless you get them dirty).

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